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Welcome to SCRC 

We're here to serve!


We serve LOVE...and a list of Needs that benefit:

  •  Senior Citizens, 

  • Adults with Disabilities 

  • Veterans with Disabilities.


Working Towards a Brighter Future

About Us

The Senior Citizen Resource Center (SCRC) is a multi-purpose center dedicated to enhancing the lives of senior citizens, adults with disabilities, veterans with disabilities, and residents in need. Our goal is to serve as a link between our communtunites and eligible services that benifit these individuals. We will provide a range of non-medical informational and other needed services. We strive to create a supportive environment that promotes independence, wellness, and love for our serior citizens and adults with disabilities.


Contact Us!


Senior Citizen Resource Center

807 Marshall Road

North Carrollton, MS  38947

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