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About Us

The Senior Citizen Resource Center (SCRC) is a multi-purpose center dedicated to enhancing the lives of senior citizens, adults with disabilities, veterans with disabilities, and residents in need. Our goal is to serve as a link between our communities and eligible services that benefit these individuals. We will provide a range of non-medical informational and other needed services. We strive to create a supportive environment that promotes independence, wellness, and love for our senior citizens and adults with disabilities.


Our Programs

We offer programs that takes a collaborative and innovative approach to community development, providing vital support services and comprehensive education and outreach initiatives.


We provide a variety of non-medical support services, including healthcare guidance, assistance with government programs, access to social activities, educational workshops, community referrals, and volunteer opportunities.


Join us in empowering seniors, veterans with disabilities, and adults with diabilities facing challenges - let's make a difference together!

Who We Serve

We serve love and provide a list of needs that benefits:

  • Senior Citizens

  • Adults with Disabilities

  • Veterans with Disabilities

Join Our Community

Senior Citizen Resource Center

807 Marshall Road

North Carrollton, MS  38947

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